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Historic Train visits Troy

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Local residents gathered at the tracks to catch a rare glimpse of a restored steam locomotive pulling a train of vintage rail cars on its way home to Portland, Ore., from the Train Festival in Michigan.

The historic Southern Pacific No. 4449 stopped in Troy to service the locomotive, a requirement every 100-150 miles. Built in 1941, the historic locomotive spent its years pulling daylight passenger trains between Los Angeles and Portland until 1955. The novelty train, carried about 300 passengers. At 433 tons, the locomotive operates with a boiler pressure of 300 pounds per square inch and can apply 5,500 horsepower to the rails and exceed 100 mph. Steam trains were phased out in the 1950s, replaced with the diesel counterparts.

Third, fourth, and fifth-grade students saw the train off with big waves as it headed toward Spokane, Wash., where it stayed the night.

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